Winston and Laina Cox are influencing education one thoughtful move at a time!

Winston and Laina

Winston and Laina Cox are the kind of education couple I dream about! They are both highly educated, invested in the work, and doing it all together. What they have managed to build in education and in life as African American educators is something to be admired. Laina is a Spelman graduate with a Master’s from Harvard. She worked in Boston Public Schools and helped to design schools with EL Education before transitioning to school leader with the same company. Today, Laina is head middle school principal of Capital City Public Charter School in Washington D.C. She also helped to  found the Blueprint Conference for Middle and High School Girls and a working mom. Do you see what I mean? How does she fit it all in? I have one husband and ONE child and I feel stretched to keep up! Winston Cox works with the John F. Kennedy Center as Implemetation Director for a program called Turnaround Arts. The program is designed to puts focused and purposeful arts education in the lowest 5% of American elementary and middle schools. Through strategic arts interventions, the program helps to improve student outcomes. Learn more about it here TurnaroundArts . Previously, Winston worked as a classroom teacher and building principal at all grade levels in Massachusetts. He also worked with EL Education as well. Both of these education leaders are ones to follow and welcome your contact! If you are curious about ed leadership, arts education and integration, or teacher growth contact them. You can reach Laina on LinkedIn (just search her name) and follow Winston on Twitter @winstonclivecox. Tell them Dr. Kia sent you!