Why aren’t you using LucidChart? It’s FREE!

Hello friends! I am going to get to the point with this one. LucidChart is an easy lift for teachers in districts with one to one instruction and ALL of you should get to know them. LucidChart is an online platform for creating and sharing graphic organizers via GOOGLE Drive with students. Teachers can create their own templates or choose from the ones that already come free with signing up for LucidChart. There are many customizable education templates to choose from and they are super easy to modify. You can even print them out if you need to!  Like with all free things, there is a limited use with LucidChart. It stops teachers at about three or four free organizers before it asks you to upgrade but still. Think of the three to four assignments worth of printing you NO LONGER HAVE TO DO if you sign up for this. Even better? You impress your admin and they pay for the subscription! Who has your back? I do! Thank me later. -Dr. Kia

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