Twitter Chats for Teachers


Twitter chats are the best way to engage with your online learning community. If you are a teacher looking to find other teachers and establish your own voice online. They were my go to when I first began using Social Media and I look to them now to connect with new teachers online. Here is a list of my favorite Twitter Chats organized by day of the week.

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#edtechchat 8pm EST

This is all things technology in the classroom. Fast paced and fun you can begin by following the hashtag to see what others are saying and when you are ready, jump in with a comment of your own! Remember that you have to include the hashtag in your reply as well as the question number in order for other participants to know which question you are tweeting about!

#edtechafterdark 10pm EST

This chat is fun and meme filled! It ranges from technology to music to what is going on in classrooms period. It is laid back and a good time. If you are up late, it is absolutely worth it!

#flipclass 8pm EST

This chat is for those of you looking for ideas on how to flip your classroom. If you are looking for a place to talk with other educators about how to use this method to engage your students this is the chat for you!



#pbischat 9pm EST

This chat is all about positive behavior intervention support. If you are using this classroom management structure and looking for support from a community of teachers this is your place!

#edchat 7pm EST

This chat is all about classroom trends and really just teachers sharing their lived in class experiences. If you want to pose a problem of practice and get fresh ideas, this is your chat!

#HipHopEd 9pm EST

This chat is for music lovers and educators. Join in if you are looking for ideas on blending music, life experience, and relevance into your classroom approach!



#urbanedchat 8pm EST

This chat is the place for urban educators looking to discuss problems of practice and share ideas!

#ptchat  9pm EST

This chat is for teachers looking for ideas on building better relationships with parents. Join in for ideas, share what you are doing, or sit back and soak the conversation in!



#DENchat  8pm EST

This chat is for teachers who are working in Discovery Education school districts. The teachers in this chat share a lot of resources and Discovery Education as a company is all about teacher support and development in my experience.

#mschat 8pm EST

This chat is for middle school teachers. Looking for your tribe? You will find them here.

#whatisschool 6pm EST

This chat is for teachers looking to connect with like minds on what school can be. Bring your dreams and tune in!



#moedchat 8pm EST

This chat is for educators in Missouri but the topics are universal. Look for topics ranging from ways to take better care of ourselves as teachers to how to be sure we are creating rigorous lessons in classrooms. The community is warm and welcoming!



#satchat 7:30am

This early morning chat is filled with educators sharing their work in classrooms, discussing new approaches to students and parents and encouraging one another along the way!

#leadupchat 8:30am CST

This chat is all about school leadership, building culture, and teacher development. If you are an early riser, it is worth joining with a cup of coffee!



#21stedchat 8pm EST

This chat is about designing 21st century learning experiences for students. Teachers looking to push the envelope can join in!

#classroomchampions 5pm PST

This chat highlights educators who are walking the walk! Join the conversation because it is a good one and meet new Twitter friends to follow!