Shea Smith is a tech TOSA advocating for student voice!


Shea Smith is NOT your typical TOSA. To begin with, his focus is solely on technology. When we met at CapCUE EdCamp in Sacramento, California, Shea told me that his work centers around helping students and teachers to understand that technology is one more tool to be used to tell their stories. After an introduction like that I knew I had to sit down and hear more from him! Shea has been in education for more than a decade and decided to come to education after years working in technology. He maintains that he has always had a passion for the profession and when the opportunity presented itself, he made the jump! Currently, Shea is in his 3rd year as TOSA with the Rescue Union School District in California. He works with elementary and middle school students and teachers to better integrate technology and amplify voice. You can do the same by checking out his favorite resource here: You can also reach out to Shea to learn more about how he is gaining teacher buy in and his tips and tricks for amplifying student voice with tech by reaching out to him on Twitter. Follow him at @TOSAnotes and tell him Dr. Kia sent you!