Season 2 Book Club!!

Fire Starters I told you that this season lunch on Wednesdays will be our book club. I have ALWAYS loved a good book and can’t wait for us to start reading and talking about these together! Take a look at what is on the list. I have laid out a reading plan for each one so that you can keep up. When we get together we will talk about one thing we agreed with about the reading, one thing we didn’t agree with about the reading, and one question we still have after reading. As always inbox me your thoughts on Instagram and Twitter!

#StayLit and I will see you at the lunch table!

~Dr. Kia

p.s. be sure to scroll ALL the way down the page so that you see ALL of the books we are reading!


January 9th

Chapter 1 “Lies Lies Everywhere”

Chapter 2 “If We Build It, They Will Come”

January 16th

Chapter 3 “The Number Is Zero-Point-Two”

Chapter 4 “The Consortium”

January 23rd

Chapter 5 “We Need the Carrot”

Chapter 6 “One Blue, One Red”

January 30th

Chapter 7 “Strange Bedfellows”

Chapter 8 “Twenty Five pounds of Apples and Three Pounds of Cheese”

February 6th

Chapter 9 “We Matter!”

Chapter 10 “How Schools Work”


February 13th 

Chapter 1: The Treasure Map

Chapter 2: Leaving

February 20th

Chapter 3: The Pressure Cooker

Chapter 4: A Math Problem

February 27th

Chapter 5: An American in Utopia

Chapter 6: Drive

March 6th 

Chapter 7: The Metamorphosis

Chapter 8: Difference

March 13th

Chapter 9: The $4 Million Teacher

Chapter 10: Coming Home


March 20th

Part I: Chapters 1-5 (20 pages)

March 27th

Part II: Chapters 6-10 (35 pages)

April 3rd

Part III: Chapters 10-12 (26 pages)

April 10th

Part IV: Chapters 13-19 (54 pages)

April 17th

Part V: Chapters 20-22 (17 pages)

April 24th

Part VI: Chapters 23-26 (25 pages)


May 1st

Part I: Innovation in Education (30 pages)

Chapters 1-3

May 8th

Part II: Laying the Groundwork (40 pages)

Chapters 4-7

May 15th

Part III: Unleashing Talent (57 pages)

Chapters 8-12

May 22nd

Part IV: Concluding Thoughts (26 pages)

Chapters 13-14