Principal Croley is using unconferences to innovate PD!

Dr. Andy Croley is a cool principal (watch our sit down interview here). In fact, he is one of the few administrators that I have ever encountered who make a habit of attending EdCamps. He said that initially, he went to EdCamp to satisfy his own curiosity and eventually his staff decided to join him. The result of that collaboration being that he led is staff through an EdCamp style PD session and they have now made it an annual part of their work. Dr. Croley currently works as principal of McCluer North High School in the Ferguson-Florissant School District. Dr. Croley has over 22 years of experience in education as a business teacher first and then an administrator. He recently went to Harvard Business School for the summer to learn more about Education Leadership!  If you want to keep up with Principal Croley and learn more about how he is building a welcoming and collaborative climate for students staff and parents follow his podcast at ( or follow him on Twitter @PrincipalCroley tell him Dr. Kia sent you!