Nicole Nelson Louisiana Master Teacher

Nicole Nelson.jpg

If you are ever in Caddo Parrish, Louisiana you should definitely look up Nicole Nelson! I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole today at PBS sponsored #EdCamp nLA (north Louisiana). Nicole is a master teacher (instructional coach) assigned to teachers who need increased support. She is passionate about incorporating technology into education and has even helped to put on a conference for educators in Louisiana. Find out more about her conference (currently in its 4th year) here: The conference focus is much like Edcamp. Teachers get together to discuss problems of practice and share resources with one another. She features keynote speakers and the latest in technology integration in the classroom. If the conference experience is anything like Nicole I know that not only is the learning taking place meaningful, but I am also sure that teachers have a great time as well! If you are interested in bringing an ECET2 conference to your state OR if you have a problem of practice and would like a new lens on it reach out to Nicole! Her email address is You can follow her on Twitter at @ECET2BYU 

Tell her Dr. Kia sent you!