My Northern California education experience

Northern California is a place intent on breaking down classroom walls. If my experience at CapCUE EdCamp is any indication, teachers in this region are ready to share their practice and learn from one another. CUE is an organization that allows teachers to lean on each other and Capitol Hill is a very active chapter in the larger national organization. CUE (computer using educators) membership is free through March 2018. Sign up here: with membership comes access to educators nation wide who have the desire to help one another and the expertise to incorporate technology into their practice. Gone are the days where a teacher would have to wait until their district catches on to the next wave in education in order for them to fully participate.

In California, teachers use their network of teachers to continue to grow, and the results have created a cadre of connected and highly collaborative educators. Our sessions were filled not only with problems but real solutions. How to build formative assessment into class digitally? CapCUE members provided answers. How to start out incorporating project based learning into a classroom? How to assess such a project? Each of these educators in turn brought the benefit of their experience to EdCamp and the whole was better for it.  I would also add here that norther California is also advocating that technology be seen as an additional tool along with teacher collaboration and good old fashioned well planned instruction. The conversation here is not centered around what is newest and greatest but what is most needed to help students achieve success. There is no pressure to know every new technology platform but to be able to select the tools needed to drive a lesson or learning experience forward. It is a nice change from the sometimes frenetic pacing of ed tech these days. Overall, if you are looking for collaboration and connection this region and its teachers deserve a visit.