#METC18 Day 2 Resources for those #notatMETC18

#METC18 was a BLAST and completely worth the time and money spent! For those of you wondering what my big takeaways were for day 2, watch the video above. Essentially workshops fell into two buckets for me with a common theme. I have those buckets below along with resources to help you out! -Dr. Kia

Administrators stepping into the GOOGLE Era

(NO RESOURCE is LONGER than 5 min!!)

How to use GOOGLE Keep:

How to use GOOGLE Forms:

How to use GOOGLE Sheets:

How to prioritize GOOGLE inbox:


Making technology accessible for students with hearing and visual impairments

www.melissaaoliver.com (look for the blog create accessibility)

See my interview with Melissa and learn more about reaching out to her here

Using the Resources that you are ALREADY paying forĀ 

Virtual Fieldtrips, Lesson Plan, and Teacher Development Opportunities!



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