Melissa Oliver is using tech for FULL inclusion!


Melissa Oliver is a technology coordinator in northern California. She is a fierce advocate for access for students with disabilities. In our sit down (click here for that), Melissa explains how her own story led her to become so invested in using technology in order to create more inclusive environments. She began her career as a classroom teacher with Teach For America in Boston and eventually became a special education teacher after receiving her own medical diagnosis. Now that she is district technology coordinator, she is sure to maintain membership in organizations like CUE (learn more about it here and she attends EdCamps looking to connect with other education professionals and spread the word about the ease of making learning more inclusive. Read her blog FILLED with tips and resources here: If you would like to contact Melissa for more of her insights she welcomes everyone to DM her on Twitter. Follow her at @maoliver17. Tell her Dr. Kia sent you!