Media Specialists are Gatekeepers at #EdCampBoston!!

*warning* this is my VERY FIRST group interview and my MacBook is my camera lol as a result it took a two minutes before we figured out how to make it all work!

I had the privilege of attending EdCamp Boston recently. The experience was great. I met so many people and they came from several states to attend. One unique feature of EdCamp Boston was the number of media specialists that attended. They have a tradition of coming and having lunch together at EdCamp. Having so many librarians in the same place was a first for me so I had to sit down with these ladies. It isn’t that librarians don’t #edcamp, it is that they typically don’t do it en masse. This group was great and shared perspectives on their work that I think are true universally. Follow them all on Twitter and DM them any questions you have about their work! Tell them Dr. Kia sent you!

Amy O’Riley        @techspire             librarian grades 5-8

Jen Bishop           @mrsbishopsms   librarian grades 6-8

Lindsay Wirsing @liwirsing             science teacher grade 6

Tracey Newman @tracey2bits          librarian grades 9-12

Karen Sekiguchi  @libraryell            librarian grades k-5

Nancy Shwartz    @mizshorts           librarian grades k-5