Don’t be greedy


You are NOT a super hero and it is okay. There. Now that we have gotten the difficult part out of the way let’s discuss what I mean by greed. One of the tricky things about working in an environment where little praise is given out is that when something spectacular happens…it can feel threatening. Especially¬†if it is something that had nothing to do with you and ESPECIALLY if you have been doing all that you can to make a good impression with your higher ups. I want to suggest to you that the way forward is not by promoting yourself but by investing in the team around and underneath you. No one cares that you can be amazing on your own BUT if you can inspire amazing things in others? That makes your leadership truly valuable. As a leader in a classroom, building, or district you have a responsibility to engage and empower those under you. It is your job to seek out the good and to highlight it even if it does not involve you. It is your job to create a classroom environment where students can thrive and as a building leader you have a duty to ensure teachers do the same. District administrators have to recognize that building leaders are clocking¬†long hours in the hopes of meeting the needs of their teachers and kids. When you work to build a collaborative environment instead of a competitive one, you get better results all around and build commitment.¬† The focus here is on building capacity. Think about it. It is a mixed deck in education. Teachers do not get a say in the students that sit in their classrooms and principals and district administrators inherit their staff. With that in mind, we have to work with what we have and focus on building others up. You may be thinking, I get it Dr. Kia but I do not know where to begin! No worries! I have resources for sharing credit at work, being purposeful in your interactions, and building employee (or student) performance here:


Remember, to lead is to constantly learn and while others may not tell you the truth, I always will. You need to share the praise and build employee capacity if you are ever going to change the way things have always been. – Dr. Kia