John Eick is a people first superintendent!


Quick when is the last time you had your superintendent at an EdCamp? John Eick is the first I have ever seen to not only attend but host such a teacher driven environment and it speaks volumes to his leadership style. John is the president of CapCUE in Sacramento, California. FYI membership in CUE is free through March 2018 sign up here . In person he is energetic, driven, and focused on doing what is best for the students, teachers, and community in his care. Each decision that he makes is driven by the impact it will have on the people who have to walk it out and the long term efficacy of the choice being made. I have yet to meet a more connected administrator. After more than two decades in education as a teacher, administrator, and now superintendent John believes that there is more room left to grow and understands that for a school to be effective all voices must be heard. Watch our sit down interview here. You can also catch up with John at and he welcomes any administrator curious about how to get more voice and choice into decision making to DM him on Twitter. Follow him (he follows back too!) at @john_eick. Tell him Dr. Kia sent you!