Jocelyn Guansing is pushing her 5th graders to own their learning!


I met Jocelyn Guansing at CapCUE #EdCamp in Sacramento, CA. She is a 5th grade teacher at Robert Willet Elementary in Davis, California. Jocelyn has spent many years in the education space as a grant writer, after school program director and now an elementary school teacher. See our sit down interview here When the opportunity to improve her teaching practice by incorporating technology came, she jumped at the chance and became a part of a cohort of teachers in her area (at the time) working to use technology to provided differentiated learning experiences. Since that time, Jocelyn has been an active member of CUE (FYI: membership in CUE is FREE until March 2018! Sign up here and used their professional development opportunities to continue to hone her practice. Jocelyn is a great example of the importance of continuing to educate yourself after certification and becoming a learner along with students in the classroom. She has incorporated PBL into her classroom of 5th graders as a way to unleash student learning potential and discovered that her students are more capable than they are sometimes given credit for. You can reach out to Jocelyn to learn more about how she manages to teach to all students AND incorporate projects by DM-ing her on Twitter. Follow her at @msguansing. Tell her Dr. Kia sent you!