#ISTE18 Sunday Recap!! Heads up all of you #NotAtISTE18 Access and Collaboration are where Ed is headed!!

*WARNING* This video is twice as long because I have provided TWICE as many resources! What can I say? #ISTE18 is the conference that KEEPS ON GIVING!

Resources mentioned in this vlog:


  1. Hacking STEM
    • This is a website for those of you looking for fully prepared (AND FREE) lesson plans that are STEM based. Students are engaged in critical thinking and use digital tools! A GREAT idea for Genius Hour or even to add to your Computer Class
  2. Pixar in a Box
    • This is a GREAT resource for Genius Hour. Students can proceed through each module at their own pace and each comes with a summative activity. Because this is a part of Khan Academy, teachers can have students sign up for an account and track their progress. Use it to let your students create their own animation.
  3. Eric Curtis
    • Eric Curtis’ website is a RICH resource for those of you looking to expand your knowledge of GOOGLE tools and create an accessible digital learning environment for all of your students. Access his website here:¬†http://www.controlaltachieve.com/ and look under RESOURCES
  4. Using Social Media to Teach Scientific Inquiry
    • Here is the link to the research paper written by J. Jeronimo Sainz de Aguero. I have included the abstract as well so that you have an idea of its content.
    • Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 9.57.50 PM
  5. ISTE Standards for Leaders
    • These are for use by district leadership to guide their own edtech understanding and practice. These standards help to frame how a clear understanding of education technology impacts and entire learning system and what that would look like for leaders if implemented.


  1. 100 word challenge
    • This challenge is designed to get reluctant writers to write AND it gives them an authentic audience. New posts go up weekly! Check it out.
  2. Project Unicorn
    • Project Unicorn is really a movement to make student data easily understandable and accessible by all stakeholders. Read more about it and take the pledge.
  3. ISTE EdTech Advisor
    • This is a platform that ISTE has built to advise teachers ad leaders on the best tools to use for education needs. YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER to access this one…but it is still free!
  4. Spreaker Studio
    • Easy to use podcasting platform! Get your kids’ voices out there.
  5. JDO Foundation
    1. This organization does ALL of the legwork connecting classrooms across the globe. There is an application process but I am told that they encourage ALL to apply!

Remember to lead is to constantly learn, and while others may not tell you the truth, I always will. Sometimes we have to stretch our own practice when it comes to digital equity if we are ever going to close the opportunity gap for our kids. Select one of these resources and try it. At least then you will have taken a step along the road to progress!

– Dr. Kia