Innovation Series: Startup founders share their BEST resources at Innovation Exchange!

Watch my sit down with Daniel Otto at the Sprint Accelerator. Daniel is the founder of Otto Recruitment and Consulting a consulting service that provides job placement assistance to adults looking to brush up on soft skills. They also recruit consultants and provide translation services. Daniel says here that he believes we all have more than one talent and we shouldn’t be afraid of exploring them all. He also shared that CLEAR COMMUNICATION is the single greatest tool in his arsenal. He provides us with his ONE BEST resource in our chat! Follow his company on Instagram at @otto_recruitment_consulting and on LinkedIn at Otto Recruitment and Consulting.



Here I sit down with Kim Riley founder of The Transition Academy. The Transition Academy is a program designed to help students with special needs transition from the classroom into the working world. In addition to that, Kim has also created a system for supporting low skilled parents by including opportunities for adult learning and business development in her program model. Here Kim discusses how she knew it was time to pursue her passion, what her greatest lesson has been and her BEST resource for those looking to make the leap to side hustling! Keep up with her and The Transition Academy as she moves closer to launch by following the organization on Facebook at Transition Academy.

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