Innovation Series: Edgar Palacios is connecting Latinx educators in KC!

**WARNING** at times Edgar strikes the table and the camera moves a bit. Bear with us because he is awesome and new ideas for improving education ALWAYS deserve a good listen!

I have been acquainted with Edgar Palacios for just over a year now. He is a Latinx professional looking to make an impact on education in Kansas City. Edgar and I met on a Great Schools Tour* to Houston, TX back in 2017. While on our tour, Edgar was photographing what we saw and asking questions to get everyone thinking about how to take the experience of touring schools in Houston back to our professional lives in Kansas City. I kept in touch with him and found him again when I went on a local school tour with ShowMeKCSchools*. There he served as a guide to the education landscape in the city and pushed our group to think about the differences in schools that we saw and how to use our take aways to further equitable education in Kansas City. When I ran into him at a ShowMeKCSchools event for principals, I was not at all surprised to find that he had begun his own organization geared towards increasing Latinx representation in education. Edgar wants to unite Latinx education professionals at all levels. He wants front office workers, after school workers, para professionals, teachers, and administrators to come together to discuss common issues. He also wants to serve as a resource for administrators looking to recruit, hire, welcome, and include Latinx educators.Currently he travels the city and the greater KC Metropolitan area looking to connect with any Latinx educators or he is in their schools already volunteering to help out. His goal is a broad and elevating one and his passion is unmatched. Watch our sit down (which does get wobbly due to him hitting the table!) to hear how you can catch up with Edgar and get involved.


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In Kansas City, we are fortunate to have organizations like The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation fund educators, business professionals, community members, parents, etc on these out of state school tours that happen about eight times each year. When the tours open online, you rank your destination preference. If you are selected, the Kauffman Foundation tells you where you will be touring and pays for your flight, hotel, and school tour expenses. You then get the opportunity to spend two days looking at new schools, meeting with school leaders, networking with community members and business leaders from the area, and thinking about how to bring what you saw back to your own building or professional practice. My tour was ABSOLUTELY TRANSFORMATIVE in my educational development and will probably be the subject of a blog post later on. You can read more about them and reach out to Murray Woodard (who puts them together) here.


ShowMeKCSchools is a local organization dedicated to giving parents insight into school choices. As many of you know, Kansas City is a district comprised of about 50% charter schools and 50% public schools. With so many options, parents need a place to go to filter schools and make the best choice for their kids. That is what ShowMeKCSchools provides. They take parents and community members on tours of local charter and public schools. This isn’t geared towards highlighting any one practice, the tours are solely so that parents can get a look inside of the building and have face time with administrators before making enrollment decisions. This organization’s impact on my thinking also deserved its own blog post. Read that here.¬† Read more about the organization and sign up for a tour¬†here.

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