George Deveney is giving back to the program that made him

George Deveney

George Deveney rounds out the group of educators that I had the opportunity to connect with this weekend at the Amplify conference hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. His story is the one that I think organizations like CityYear hope to create. George was a CityYear Corps member and liked the program so much that he elected to stay with it working now as Vice President of New Site development. We sat down to discuss the impact of his work. See our interview here. In his role, he works with public and private sector stakeholders in communities to launch new CityYear Programs with the results being key partnerships with schools and districts that lead to increased student achievement. In plain language, George is the person that goes to potential partner cities, checks out the need, and helps to determine if CityYear would be a good fit to address the need. He plays a pivotal role in pairing communities with education resources needed to help kids succeed. The other benefit to bringing CityYear to a new site is that Corps members may like their school year experiences so much that they elect to continue on and get certified to be teaching professionals. I learned from George today that CityYear doesn’t just bring an influx of volunteers eager to make one year commitments to help kids, when they partner with a city they put down roots and contribute meaningfully to lessening the qualified teacher shortage as well. Before he moved into his current role, George also led City Year in London and worked for the organization in Philadelphia. If you would like to connect with George to talk about why London is a great place to visit, sports teams in Philadelphia, or find out more information about what it takes to bring CityYear to your city reach out to him on Twitter @GeorgeEDeveney . He welcomes your questions. Tell him Dr. Kia sent you!