Encountering Educators: Tina Lauer and how to create tech savvy teachers!

I met Tina Lauer at #EdCampSCSD and she is AMAZING! Tina is a district technology coach and very motivated to build teachers who can prepare students for the 21st century! She helped to bring Edcamp to Saint Charles and also helped build a teacher technology training program in her district. Listen to how she collaborates to push teacher practice!

“We don’t even know what jobs will exist in the future but we know kids need to be prepared for them.” – Tina Lauer

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Google Level 1 Certification: https://edutrainingcenter.withgoogle.com/certification_level1
    • This link takes you to the certification modules
  2. Novel Engineering: http://www.novelengineering.org/
    • here is more information about the novel engineering concept
  3. #SCSDpd: Twitter hashtag for those of you looking to keep up with what Tina does next!
  4. @STchassdpd: Twitter handle for Saint Charles School District Professional Development Team. Follow them to keep track of new practices!

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