Encountering Educators: The organizers of nErDcampKS explain the importance of early literacy!!


For those of you who may not know…nErDcamp is NOT EdCamp…not quite anyway. After attending nErDcampKS and talking with the team that makes the magic happen each year, I am convinced that more of these will begin to pop up in the area…and we should welcome them!! EdCamp has been going strong as a PD tool for a while and iterations like this one let me know the movement will continue to evolve!! Listen to us talk about the inspiration behind starting nErDcampKS, the importance of early literacy, and resources for those who want to use them!

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Resources mentioned:

  1. Nerdy Book Club
  2. Readicide
  3. Novel Engineering
  4. nErDCampKS blog
  5. Donalyn Miller blog
  6. Commonlit.org


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