Encountering Educators: #T2TEI2018 Day2 Recap!


I have told you all that I am currently attending the Teacher Educator Institute put on by Teacher Squared. The Institute is designed to help those of us who work with novice teachers to use data more effectively to improve teacher practice. After two days of learning I can say that is exactly what has happened! Tomorrow when the institute officially ends, I will do a blog focusing on big ideas (and resources) that you can use in your daily practice to get better at collecting and tracking data. For now, I wanted to give you all insight into the learning that is taking place here and people/programs you may not have encountered before. The goal of these interviews are to give you an idea of the value of Teacher Squared trainings and a picture of what to expect should you be able to attend! As always I have included resources under each video.

-Dr. Kia

Jennifer Barker and Faye Craster work with Teach First in the UK. Teach First is a non profit organization focused on putting highly qualified teachers into high needs schools. You can find out more about it here https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/ During our talk, Faye and Jennifer said their organization has sent people to Teacher Squared training for the past three years and that development in general is an important part of their practice. Both ladies were classroom teachers, hear how our conference experience really connects to the why of their work in our interview above!

Resources Mentioned:

Teach First Networks: These are networks for educators looking to connect and discuss practice!



Julie Holmes helps to train new teachers at High Tech High School in California. High Tech High is a school that has been on the radar of many educators due to its reputation for educating students using 21st century learning experiences and design thinking. Julie talks here about how our conference experience serves to solidify the approach she takes to collecting and analyzing teacher data. See her thoughts in our interview above!

Resources mentioned:

High Tech High: go to this page for resources for teachers looking to design 21st century learning experiences and wanting opportunities to attend professional development with High Tech High faculty. https://www.hightechhigh.org/#