Encountering Educators: TEI2018 Day 1 Recap!!


I have the pleasure and privilege of attending Teacher Squared’s Teacher Educator Institute in New Orleans this week. For those of you who don’t know much about Teacher Squared (like me before attending this training), you can find out more here https://www.teachersquared.org/ As many of you know, I was a secondary ELA classroom teacher for more than a decade. During that time, I received professional development but none as extensive as that offered today during this institute. Not only did we discuss how to set a standard for new teacher excellence, we practiced codifying that standard and collecting REAL data. Overall, the experience has been an enlightening one and got me thinking about how much I could have used (and current administrators and teacher leaders could currently use) this information. Since I got so much from the day, I HAD to sit down with educators (of course!) to get their perspectives, resources, and discuss the why behind their work. So often we feel isolated and under resourced in this profession. My goal with each of these interviews is to give you further insight into improving your own practice, and someone to reach out to should you need a helping hand. – Dr. Kia

Quinn Rohena works with Relay Graduate School of Education in Denver, CO. She has more than a decade of classroom experience and talks here about why she chose to pursue teacher training. Ultimately, she believes that teachers are their own greatest resource. Check out her reasoning in our video above!


You all KNOW I love a good group interview! This group happened to all be employees of Relay Graduate School of Education (I promise to diversify tomorrow and they have a LOT of good stuff to say) as well. Here, these ladies discuss why they choose to continue to work developing teachers, which resources will be helpful to classroom teachers no matter where they are in their practice, and their major take aways from today’s workshops.

Resources mentioned

  1. Get Better Faster
  2. https://ambitiousscienceteaching.org/
  3. Great Habits Great Readers