Letitia Dowling wants teachers to understand their value!

letitia dowling

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Letitia Dowling at the Amplify Conference this weekend in Kansas City, MO. After participating with Letitia in a session on Unconscious Bias, I had to sit down and speak with her. Letitia Dowling is an Operations Manager with a national nonprofit grant making organization. She has over 10 years of experience as an educator, drop-out prevention specialist and principal. After several successful years as a classroom teacher in South Carolina, one of her biggest accomplishments was serving as a principal of a charter for teenage mothers in Washington, DC. Her passion for quality education for all students led to additional work with training and certifying teachers in Georgia. Now she works as an administrator with Grantmakers for Education. One thing she wants teachers to know is the value of their story. Letitia says that we have to spin our classroom experience to show that no matter the field, teachers are more than capable leaders.

“It is important that teachers realize their experience is valuable and so are their stories.”  

In addition to her work with Grantmakers for Education, Letitia currently supports the government leaders of two small rural towns and has organized a concerned citizens group. She is a proud mother of two sons and a handsome four year old grandson. If you would like to keep up with her, follow her on Facebook at Letitia Dowling or you can email your questions to letitiadowling@gmail.com. Tell her Dr. Kia sent you!