#ECET2BYU has some educators you ALL need to meet!


I write ALL OF THE TIME about the importance of teachers networking with one another and connecting to share ideas. Fortunately, ECET2BYU has the same idea and attracted some GREAT educators from across the state of Louisiana. My goal with this platform is to give you access to educators you might not otherwise have met. If you like them FOLLOW them on social media! They would love to connect with you. I have three educators I sat down with at the conference below and each of them brings something unique to the conversation. Remember to lead is to constantly learn, and while others may not tell you the truth, I always will, no one can make it in this field alone. Here is me hoping that one of these interviews sparks something and causes you to reach out and build your own professional network!

-Dr. Kia

Deante Starks is ROCKING 5th grade and using popular culture to connect with kids in Caddo Parish schools! Listen to how he makes engagement fun and what he does to make learning relevant in our sit down!

**FYI** I say (Netflix binging in this video and nothing else. Thank you. I just happen to speak fast.)

Marvin Rainey is a new principal who champions principal capacity development like none I have ever seen. He is working on his dissertation AND was just admitted to a very selective one year training program with Paul Bambrick-Santoyo. Listen to more about how he plans to use all of this learning to further leader development in our sit down!

Marco French or “Chancellor French” as he likes to be called is leading the way with high expectations at his school in Caddo Parish! Listen to him talk about positively impacting school culture, inspiring his young learners to wear suits to school, and how he keeps his eye on what is best for kids.