#ECET2BYU draws teachers turned trainers!


I keep writing about the people at ECET2BYU in the hopes that you will reach out to them and get to know them. I talk to teachers across the country ALL of the time. A chief complaint is a feeling isolation. Teachers tell me that they feel they have no critical friends to bounce new ideas off of and to help them refine their practice. If that describes you look no further. The three interviews I have here are all former teachers who now train teachers. Each has more than a decade of experience and each is excited about teacher development. Look them up and reach out! Remember to lead is to constantly learn, and while others may not tell you the truth I always will, social media is for more than entertainment it is also educational. – Dr. Kia

Cathy Jiles-Spivey is a former educator turned classroom management guru! She specializes in helping teachers to re-imagine their instruction and build welcoming and inclusive classroom communities. Watch for more info on how she does it! She encourages anyone interested in connecting to reach out to her on LinkedIn.

Sheba Williams is a district ELA coordinator. Hear how she works with teachers to intentionally dig deep into content standards to deepen their own learning and build better lessons!

Walter Brown is an ELA content coordinator AND the first male ELA teacher in the state of Louisiana to receive National Board Certification. Hear how he helps other teachers do the same and what he believes about good instruction in our sit down!