Go with the “flow”


Leader, I know like me you have probably spent several hours planning initiatives and worrying about how things will go once you get them off of the ground. You may also have been working to get your name out there and drum up support in your organization. You might even have been trying to build a team within your organization and keep everyone on the same page in order to get things done. Today I am going to tell you to stop.

Do not worry! You are a natural leader and you will hit your stride.

Dr. Judson Brewer describes it as “flow” in this TEDx talk.

When you are in your flow, things are working together for you. Your new risk is paying off. Your connections are good. You have a mentor and the relationship is working out! It would appear that you are moving towards your goal and you are excited about it. People in your organization are recognizing you and your efforts without you even trying to get their attention. Your name is floating around in a good way and you are inspired to keep going. That is “flow” in this sense.

Harvard Business Review even writes about the importance of flow! Not only is it important for you, it is important for your students/teachers/principals/central office staff to have the opportunity to find their flow. It is your job to create the opportunity for them to do so. So often in leadership, we are pursuing our passion and operating in our gift when we allow doubt or outside distraction or plain worrying without cause to trip us up. We play it safe when we should have let go and pushed forward trusting ourselves and our team. That is how you reach flow. You have all that you need to be successful leader. Go with your flow. Do not over think what comes naturally to you. Do not worry about garnering buy in from those who cannot see where you are going. Your flow is just that your flow and it is a great place to be. Let it happen.┬áRemember to lead is to constantly learn, and while others may not tell you the truth, I always will. You’ve got this. ~Dr. Kia