Cynthia Gibbs is an ELL teacher using soccer and sight words to connect kids!

Cynthia Gibbs is a passionate ESOL instructor at Nahed Chapman New American Academy in Saint Louis. I had the good fortune of meeting her at her very first EdCamp this weekend in Saint Louis, MO (watch our sit down here). Cynthia is a fellow Billiken (shout out to Saint Louis University) and began her career as a speech pathologist before becoming a classroom teacher. She likes to be one of the first people to make refugee children feel at home in their new country and she sees her classroom as their first safe space. After more than 20 years in education, one resource that Cynthia would like to share is where there are free resources for educators working with children learning literacy skills. Cynthia is full of energy but decidedly low tech! Lol if you would like to get in touch with her to share ideas, ask for resources, or make a new friend feel free to email her at tell her Dr. Kia sent you!