Wildfire 2019

Wildfire 2019 is KC’s first professional development conference aimed solely at new teachers. Hosted by Dr. Kia Turner and a team of veteran educators, Wildfire reinforces teacher expertise while further building capacity.

Attendees will gain:
1. A deeper understanding of technology platforms for the classroom, a roadmap for building positive student relationships, and insight into creating inclusive spaces where all kids can thrive
2. An opportunity to reflect deeply on their lived classroom experiences with support from experts
3. An actionable plan to use Day 1 of the next school year
4. A cohort of teachers from across the area to collaborate with

Date: Saturday June 1, 2019

Location: Downtown Kansas City at the Hollis + Miller Office Space. 
Address: 1828 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64108
Conference: 8am-3pm
Networking Event: 3pm-5pm

Why We Need this Conference:

Teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates. Those that are staying in the classroom are expressing a need for greater in class supports. As the equity conversation continues at our nation’s highest levels, we look to public schools to continue to be the avenues to opportunity that they once were. In order to keep them alive, we must support school teachers.

Replacing teachers is expensive and many times the end result of uncoordinated support for them.

   [credit Jossey-Bass]

The Impact

No teachers begins their career thinking about getting out of it.  For many, the lack of professional support and a caring community of practice tops the list for their reason to leave the classroom.

[credit Jossey-Bass]

Wildfire 2019 is our bold move in supporting Kansas City teachers. According to a 2017 Council of the Great City Schools report, Kansas City teachers have a lower student to teacher ratio than most. However, many are still struggling to connect meaningfully with all students and create classrooms where all can be successful. Teachers are overwhelmed by the demands of their students, the demands of their administration, and trying to balance their personal lives. They need support and that is why this conference exists. Join us June 1st in Downtown KC or send teachers that should.