Christian Fuentes is using mentorship to reach Latino youth!

Christian Fuentes

Christian Fuentes is  an Impact Manager with CityYear in Kansas City, MO. We met this weekend at the Amplify Conference hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. Christian and I have both been employees at Northeast High School. For those of you who don’t know, Northeast High school is one of the most ethnically diverse schools in Kansas City Public Schools. Students there speak more than fifty languages, come from all over the world, and have traditions and cultures that help make the school a great cross section of the world.  The result is a vibrant school culture and a wealth of experiences brought into the building by students each day. As Impact Manager, Christian explained that he sees himself as a mentor for other young Latino men who need a role model. He expains in our interview (see that here) that he gained his latest mentee by accident. He believed that he was in the working building a relationship with a student, and the young man came to name him as his mentor all on his own. Working at City Year, he believed that his primary duties would be to manage CityYear Corps members as they support students. Instead, he finds that he is walking alongside them in the work and doing his part to help shape a welcoming school climate for students who need it most. If you would like to connect with Christian and ask questions about CityYear, mentorship, how to further impact Latino youth positively you can email him at Tell him Dr. Kia sent you!