Being a #Connected Educator is Crucial


This is a quick tip for every education leader. We are done with the days of building relationships solely over a good cup of coffee much the same way that we are done with sit and get educational experiences. Your students are in a world where they can speak with peers across the globe and across the country any time. It is your responsibility to dive into that world with them.  I read an interesting Forbes article on generational differences in the workplace. You can look for yourself here:

My favorite quote from the article reads: “What matters most, regardless of generation or gender or ethnicity, is how well you understand your employees as individuals… what motivates them and what doesn’t…”

If you replace “employees” with “students” or “teachers” you may gain better insight into the need to diversify your approach. I speak with so many in education who struggle to log into their gmail let alone interact meaningfully with their colleagues, students, parents, etc via social media. I do not mean those posts that are photos of you at a game or handing some prize to some person. I am talking Twitter chats that keep you informed on what is happening in the education space, using Facebook live to get the cool things happening in your school out there, Snapchatting your day as a way to connect with parents. Really engaging with social media in order to better engage your teachers (some) and your students (likely all). This is also a chance to market your school and brand to a wider group of stakeholders. Take the plunge!  If this sounds intimidating to you do not fear. I have provided some resources for you below. Remember, to lead is to constantly learn and while others may not tell you the truth, I always will. You need to get with the times to better your practice. – Dr. Kia Free Coursera course on Social Media Marketing

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