Aubresha Young is using partnerships to make an impact for teachers in STL

I had the distinct privilege of sitting down with Connected Learning’s Aubresha Young at EdCamp STL this past weekend (watch our sit down here). Aubresha works with a number of non profit organizations but education service and impact are at the heart of them all. As an event planner with Connected Learning, Aubresha helped to cement the partnerships needed to put on one of the largest EdCamps in the country. EdCamp Saint Louis was unlike any I have ever attended. There was significant buzz around it, several key partners that had a hand in making it happen, and more sessions to choose from than I ever imagined could be put into one day. Not to mention the multiple vendors and donations for everything from food to car washes that had to be organized! Aubresha has a long history of non profit leadership including being a college mentor, working with the American Heart Association as a community educator, even serving as PTA president and drunk driving prevention specialist. She has had her hands in a number of pots in an effort to turn the tide for kids and families and now teachers! If you would like to keep up with Aubresha Young follow her on LinkedIn. You can also keep up with EVERYTHING she plans by following Connected Learning on Twitter at @learningSTL tell her Dr. Kia sent you.