3 reasons why I STAN for Edmodo


Listen y’all, it has been a LONG couple of days. You know that I capital letter LOVE connecting with teachers and I have been doing just that nonstop it seems! I recently had an opportunity to attend TCEA 2019. While I was there, I spoke with teachers about a platform that I honestly do believe in. Edmodo is a teacher social media platform, an online learning platform for students, and so much more than all of that. When I realized just how much it can tackle the things that take us away from teaching I knew that I had to share with EVERY TEACHER that I came across, and after doing so, I am a little tired but extremely happy.

Edmodo is one of the youngest and freshest companies in the teacher technology business. They have a conference team that is connected to teachers and a platform that really does sell itself…thing is Edmodo is ABSOLUTELY. FREE. for EVERYONE forever. Do you know that I spent the past few days alongside some of the most passionate former educators that I have ever encountered? We demonstrated what Edmodo can do. We reminded teachers of what they loved about the platform and showed them new things to love. We even had building administrators weigh in on how they would use Edmodo! It was thrilling and in my opinion, a reflection of how easily we forget what is working in education in favor of what is new and thrilling at the moment. Arne Duncan in How Schools Work put it this way,

“In education we are great at starting new things and bad at stopping older ones.”

I cannot TELL you how many teachers are using a hodgepodge of technology with no rhyme or reason! Truly we are all just plugging away at the most recent platform in front of us or using a mixture of the ones that we understand. The trouble is, that while we are juggling platforms we are also in classrooms each day working to connect with kids, plan lessons, reach out to parents, and meet building level expectations. The juggle can be a lot to ask and that is saying nothing about our family and community obligations. If this sounds like you, here are my top 3 reasons to stop what you are doing and use Edmodo now.


  1. Edmodo comes with lesson plans designed by teachers and aligned to standards built into the platform for FREE. You can search these by subject and grade level. Once you have found what you are looking for, you can add it to your library and share for free with your students. Everything you love about lesson plan purchase sites is already incorporated into Edmodo under the spotlight feature.
  2. Edmodo allows teachers to put students into small groups. This is a game changer for those of us who are 1:1 in classrooms. We are always looking for ways to differentiate instruction and this group feature allows that to happen in a digital environment. Along with the small group function Edmodo also has built in powerpoints and games built into the platform that allow students to engage with learning without us having to create everything from scratch.
  3. Edmodo allows you to direct message parents and keep them in the loop with student progress. Best of all? Parent access to your Edmodo classroom is restricted to their child. They can’t see what other kids say, what you say to other kids, or any of that. They only see what their kid does, your response to it, and they can weigh in as well. This feature is useful when getting parents in the door for parent/teacher conference is problematic.

Overall? I am saying that there is a better way to teach kids and Edmodo has found that. The company was founded by teachers and spends a lot of time talking to teachers which means that it is built in a way that is highly effective for teachers. I am a fan and if you see me wearing my Edmodo cape at a conference or PD near you? Don’t be alarmed. It’s just me sharing the Edmodo gospel with another group of teachers!

#StayLit #EdmodoLove

~Dr. Kia