2019 Goals for Every Teacher

This year has brought quite a few twists and turns! Many of us began the year in once place and have thankfully grown to inhabit the space that we inhabit now.  Now that the year has come to an end, I want to share the things that resonated most with me and the lessons I am taking into 2019. As a member of my #FireStarter community, you understand how much time and attention we put into the work we do. You must also then understand how often we need to take a step back and reflect. Here’s hoping that these insights do as much for you as they did for me!

  1.  Anyone can be a friend if you let them

My grandfather used to tell me that he was friends with everyone that came into his tax office. I remember marveling at how he knew all of his clients by first name, knew about their families, and kept in touch with them above and beyond tax season. He used to tell me that nothing could replace a good reputation and solid relationships. He was in business for many decades with that philosophy and it has guided me this year. This year I met great teachers from across the country. We learned, laughed, and shared our wisdom. I plan to keep meeting and keeping friends new and old in 2019.  As teachers sometimes we get tunnel vision and focus only on the tasks at hand instead of the people around us. Be sure that you tap into the people who want to connect with you. Anyone can be a friend if you let them and relationships of all kinds are key to growth.

2. Do not be afraid 

I walked into many situations that were new to me this year. While I like to be as prepared as I can be, no one is prepared for EVERYTHING. When I felt myself giving over to fear and self doubt, I remembered that I am a child of God. I don’t do this work because I have no other way to fill my time. I do it because it feeds my soul, allows me to contribute to the world and I am called to it. Education saved my life and I believe in its ability to do that for kids everywhere. Honey no one can put anyone off of their calling. If you are like me and doing the work because a teacher made you who you are and Divine intervention won’t let you leave, no worries; no matter what it looks like the calling itself ensures success.

   3. Keep Living

Honey I have tried, failed, and tried again more times than I can count this year. It can be frustrating when we are working from our hearts and not seeing the success that we want. Whenever I go to my grandmother with my frustration she chuckles and always says “Keep Living”. What she means is that what appears to be a big deal today, with some perspective, will actually not be a big deal at all. Let’s not argue with that kind of life experience, and in 2019 plan to “Keep Living” and moving towards our goals even if it takes multiple tries.

       4. It isn’t what you have but who you are

I recently heard one of my local elected officials give a talk. In it, he emphasized how all that he had wasn’t worth very much if when people heard his name they couldn’t talk about how he had positively impacted their life. That stuck with me because it speaks to the purpose that gets us out of bed each morning. Don’t waste your time doing what you don’t love. Instead, be sure that when your students hear your name they recall the positive influence you were on them even if they don’t remember the cool things you did for them.

May the New Year be our BIGGEST and BRIGHTEST yet! Let’s have lunch soon #FireStarters.

~Dr. Kia