What I Do

Essentially I provide two services:


I work individually with school site based councils, PTA/PTO groups and all other school based parent participant organizations. I work to help parents understand how to successfully navigate the school systems to help their students reach success. All parents want what is best for children but schools can seem like big intimidating organizations. I break down the barriers and give parents access to the supports they most want and a frame they can use again and again to build working relationships with their schools.


I have spent my entire career working exclusively in communities of color. I reside in and am a graduate of a an education system that many have viewed as disadvantaged. That label came with a variety of challenges and misperceptions that as an educator, I saw impact the work happening in schools. Using my life and work experience, I work to provide tools for building better relationships with parents in communities of color to education stakeholder groups, district leadership groups, and the business community. My talks peel back the layers of the parent experience and expose opportunities for partners to support parents authentically as they engage in their children’s education.


I am the proud CEO of Red Apple Education Corporation. We are a diverse team of former education professionals committed to given school systems the tools needed to create, scale, and sustain large scale changes. We are ALWAYS looking for new talent! If you are interested in being a part of the team click here: Become an Education Fellow

How Can I Help You?

Work with our PTA/PTO Group!

Do you have a PTA/PTO that could use support learning how best to advocate for students and partner with schools? Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss your needs and how I may be able to help!

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Speak at Our Event!

I speak at a variety of events including offering the parent perspective and tools to improve relationships to school and community stakeholders, parent groups, and school systems!

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We Need District Help

I am so happy to hear that! If you need support launching a parent engagement program for your district or stakeholder group please reach out to my company Red Apple Education Corporation. My team is equipped to help get large scale change off of the ground!

Meet Dr. Kia

Dr. Kia Turner - Be Fired Up Coaching - Teacher Resources
Dr. Kia Turner Ed.D.


I’ve spent the past 15 years as a classroom teacher, city wide education coach, and professor of urban education. After those experiences, I understand that education is ever changing as are the demands on its leaders. We sign up to make an impact but the road from idea to implementation can be unclear. That is why I started working with school systems directly. When education leaders are given the tools needed to create the outcomes they want, success is sure to follow.

Feel free to connect with me weekly on my YouTube channel, on Twitter (@HeyDrKia) or Instagram (@SchoolTips_4parents)

We are in this together and that is the best place to be.

~Dr. Kia