School systems are complex places but that doesn’t have to be a hurdle to bringing about real change. I use my skill set to help districts align their resources, mission and vision in the best interests of the children and communities they serve . The initial consultation is complimentary and the work we do entirely up to you.

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Meet Dr. Kia

Dr. Kia Turner - Be Fired Up Coaching - Teacher Resources
Dr. Kia Turner Ed.D.


I have been a classroom teacher, city wide education coach, and professor of urban education. After those experiences, I understand that classrooms are ever changing. As education professionals, we spend time planning initiatives, seeking out resources, and committing to change often unsure of the road ahead. When we sign up to invest in the lives of children, we don’t often hear that the road can be rocky and the resources few. That is why I started working with school systems directly. I know that there is no perfect classroom, but when we get real with one another we can see true change in our schools and ourselves no matter the circumstances. Whether you are a district leader or a building principal, contact me using the form at the top of this page. Let’s get started creating the environment your students need.

Feel free to connect with me weekly on the podcast, connect on Twitter (@Firedup_teacher) or Instagram (@firedup_teaching) and sign up for an online course or workshop in the meantime!

We are in this together and that is the best place to be.

~Dr. Kia

The need

Teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates often because they feel unable to successfully meet classroom demands.


The issue is ESPECIALLY prevalent in high poverty communities with disproportionate numbers of people of color.

Districts and school teams adopt needed innovations but teachers are often unprepared to use them. As a result, teachers feel overwhelmed and revert to what they know to do. In the end students disconnect, innovations die, and we all pay the price.

Many schools have openings that are filled by long term subs or worse, a string of short term ones.
When teachers do not understand their context, they struggle to teach their content. Students pay the highest price of all.

By directly addressing system shortfalls, we can better support teachers, students, and see big goals through to completion.